Around 80 staff from Workforce Singapore (WSG) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) joined CXS Organizational Psychologist and Master vip24 Counsellor Trainer Adrian Koh to get to know more about the CXS career profiling tool, vip24.

All WSG and SSG staff were recently invited to take vip24 profiling for themselves. In today’s session, Adrian gave staff an overview and insight into the theories behind vip24 and how to read their own personal profile results.

vip24 is a self-reflection tool developed by CXS, based on established research into career orientation and positive psychology, that helps individuals better understand their motivations, interests and work-life values so they can make informed, meaningful career choices and perform better in the workplace.

WSG is already using vip24 to enhance their Careers Connect program which connects Singaporean citizens with meaningful career paths, training courses and counseling services.

It looks like today’s session brought smiles to everyone’s faces. Great work, Adrian, and many thanks to our friends and partners at SSG and WSG for organizing such a fantastic event!


Learn more about vip24 here:

Read about the Careers Connect program from WSG here:

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