Naluri is a health and lifestyle coaching startup company, based in Malaysia, whose mission is to help clients achieve healthier lives through a blend of digital technology and in-person coaching. Naluri used vip24 from CXS to map their entire organization. We spoke with CEO and co-founder, Azran Osman-Rani, about Naluri’s experience with vip24.

What problems were you trying to solve with vip24?
We had a gut feel for the issues and challenges we faced as a team, but we needed something more concrete and quantifiable so that we could distil practical actions to implement and validate our hunches. The analysis from CXS helped us with this.

We also wanted to bring our leadership team closer, because we came from different backgrounds and have different personalities. We knew that broken inter-personal dynamics between founders is one of the biggest risks of failures for start-ups, so we wanted to avoid potential clashes. The team mapping exercise gave us proper time to sit down, reflect and understand each other better, with great facilitation from professionals from CXS.

What were the benefits and outcomes for Naluri using vip24?
We identified immediate and actionable areas for improvement to increase our energy and motivation levels in the office. Within a week, we made some structural changes and saw morale improve.

As a leadership team, we gained a deeper insight into each of us on the founding team, what are strengths are, and what our weaknesses are. We can have a more open communication style, using the framework and labels from CXS and be less judgmental and defensive when openly debating difficult and sensitive issues.

Through the team mapping exercise, we identified key gaps in roles needed as a collective leadership team that were missing from the Founders. We made a senior hiring decision to close this gap and distributed responsibilities among the founders based on our secondary preferences.

We would highly recommend this team profiling and analysis tool from CXS because of the insights that it delivered and the impact it can have on improving team morale and energy, and quality of leadership.

About vip24
vip24 is a talent management solution that helps individuals better understand their motivations, interests and work-life values so they can build meaningful careers and perform better in the workplace.

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