Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV) provides flexible and innovative loan and Shariah financing facilities to develop high-impact and technology-driven sectors of the economy, identified and prioritised by the Malaysian Government as future engines of growth. We asked MDV CEO, Nizam Bin Mohamed Nadzri, to share MDV’s experience with using vip24 from CXS.

What problems were you trying to solve with vip24?

MDV currently has four separate teams that each undertake originations, credit assessments and account management. Teams were recording differing levels of performance for delivering on targets. Individual teams also recorded inconsistent results on a year-to-year basis.

MDV wanted to explore team dynamics to raise the performance of teams with average performance to be on par with those of high-performing teams. We also needed an objective and empirical method of assessing these metrics.

vip24 enabled MDV to delve further into the individual motivations and aspirations of team members and their leadership, and indicate the suitability of incumbents in their current roles based on their individual traits and characteristics.

The results enabled MDV with key starting points for counselling individuals to improve their performance, and established a foundation for planning possible reorganisations to enhance overall organisational performance.

What were the benefits and outcomes for MDV using vip24?

vip24 provided an overall assessment of the current state of our frontline units. We were able to focus on key areas for improvement, thereby increasing productivity and staff retention. The resulting group composition also enabled us to better understand team dynamics and behaviour.

The results and findings on individuals in the four teams outlined key metrics around their aspirations, motivations and concerns. This allowed for our Human Capital team to address concerns and, in some cases, extend counselling to affected individuals, mitigating staff turnover and adverse sentiments.

vip24’s character and personality assessment also complements our talent identification and management framework, where we can continuously assess the views and attitude of existing and potential talent.

On what basis would you recommend vip24 to other companies?

vip24 provides the basis for an objective and empirical assessment of individuals within an organisation, incorporating science within traditional HR and management functions.

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