Education Solutions

We understand learning differently. You should too.

Learning is more than tests and results. Learning is setting learners on a path to self-actualization where the individual can find meaning and purpose. Education should foster a growth mindset where self-efficacy, self-motivation and creativity become powerful drivers for life-long learning.


Understanding your total learning environment

Insight is a diagnostic learning analytics tool that helps you understand your learning environment using powerful visualization tools, driven by validated international research and data.
Insight helps learning professionals collaborate to identify issues, as well as design and monitor solutions that boost student performance.

Insight enables multi-dimensional analysis of a learning context using 96+ validated indices, backed by over 15 years of research.

Have actionable insights into improving your entire school or institution in less than 2 weeks.


Deliver personalized, adaptive, deeper learning

Engage makes it easy for teachers to assign homework and assessments to students based on their personalized learning profiles.
Engage also helps teachers develop a student’s fullest potential by facilitating personalized learning paths that cut across disciplines.

Engage is a platform that enables teachers to deliver personalized learning and assessment to students.


Companion is an online tool that helps educators, parents and specialists collaborate to help learners in and out of the classroom.

Key Capacity

Key Capacity provides teachers with a professional competency framework, based on the ideas and research of Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves. From the Key Capacity platform, teachers can access professional development resources directly linked to the competency framework.