• Kevin Chan accept ULeap innovation award
  • ULeap launch May Day Rally Singapore
  • Kevin, Jan and Li Huan with Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law, Mr K Shanmugan

For our part in providing the technology that powers the ULeap lifelong learning platform, NTUC in Singapore awarded CXS with the “Digital Learning Transformation Award”.

Kevin Chan, Head of Mobile Technology, accepted the award on 5 May 2018 at the NTUC award ceremony on the behalf of CXS (see video below).

ULeap (Learning Enable Through Active Participation) will help Singaporean workers reskill and manage their own learning paths using a wide variety of online and offline resources. The initiative, brought forward by NTUC, the national trade union center of Singapore, aims to help workers keep pace with the demand for skilled labour in Singapore. ULeap was officially launched at the Singapore May Day Rally with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in attendance as the Guest of Honour.

Singapore, like many advanced nations, is seeing employment in traditional job sectors decline with demand increasing in newer job sectors such as cybersecurity and fin tech. By 2030, independent research papers have suggested Singapore will face a significant skills shortage in key industry sectors.

The CXS technology underpinning the ULeap initiative will empower workers in Singapore with the tools they need to start reskilling and upskilling as well as managing their own learning from within the platform. Our expertise in micro-learning and personalized content delivery makes learning accessible across devices.

Whether workers are looking for ‘just-in-time’ learning on the job or seeking to upskill themselves without committing to lengthy face-to-face training sessions, ULeap provides a solution that will also keep them up to date on the latest skills and the latest industry data.

Self-directed learning is seen as a critical competency that all workers will need to exercise to stay relevant and employable in the modern workforce as industries are disrupted by social changes, and as a large number of job functions are replaced or displaced with AI and automation. CXS is very proud to be supporting Singapore’s workers with our lifelong learning solutions.

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