CXS with SUMA POR LA EDUCACION (CXS’ international partners in Mexico) have signed an agreement with SINADEP to continue the use of CXS education solutions in Mexico.

SINADEP Foundation is the Academic Organization of the SNTE, the largest Union of Teachers in Latin America. SINADEP provides academic support to teachers for their professional development and resources to keep them current with the latest pedagogical practices.

In 2018, the team ran a pilot across 40 + schools for students aged between 12-15 years old, using CXS Insight supporting SINADEP. On the strength of an initial pilot, the agreement will allow the collaboration to extend to 21 states across Mexico.

CXS Insight gives students, parents, teachers and educators deep insights into the strengths and challenges in the education environment, leveraging cloud-based architecture to collect and analyse complex data sets at scale.

As a service, Insight provides educators with data to be used in evidence-based approaches used to improve outcomes for learners, looking beyond grades, and into a wide set of factors including motivation, health as well as the class and home environments.

This is fantastic achievement not only for the signing partners but also for the educators and students who will benefit from the combined solutions.

Big thanks to our partners at SUMA POR LA EDUCACION and SINADEP for all their hard work in turning the pilot stage into such a successful outcome.

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