Paperless career fairs are becoming a reality with CXS solutions. At the recent OPEC & Biomedical Industries Career Fair held in Singapore on the 24 July, recruiters and attendees has the opportunity to try out paperless CV drops using QR codes to transmit digital CVs.

Using digital CVs has a number of advantages for career fairs. Attendees don’t need to carry multiple copies of their paper CV with them or worry about running out during the fair. Recruiters can enter the CV directly into their record systems without the need to collect paper CVs and enter the data manually. For the event hosts, the system provides high-level statistics on the number of transactions conducted during the fair. In short, there’s less hassle, less cost, and more accurate collection of valuable CV data using a paperless system.

Attendees still using paper-based CV drops queue at the recent job fair.

Plus, as a bonus, candidates can opt to complete their vip24 profile and link it to their digital CV so when recruiters scan their QR code, usually printed on their name badge, they can immediately see and understand the candidate’s potential alignment across a range of different functional verticals, making it much easier to see which positions might make a fantastic match for the candidate.

E2i organized the Career Fair and Joanna Li, our newest team member at CXS as well as our Business Development Manager, was there to help recruiters and attendees get the most out of the technology.

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