CXS International and Udemy are delighted to announce their partnership to deliver technology-facilitated lifelong learning across international markets.

Udemy is one of the world’s leading online course providers, offering flexible learning paths across a broad spectrum of subject areas, from courses in professional development to courses tailored towards personal interest and personal growth.

By partnering with Udemy, CXS will be able to add value to our existing workforce upskilling programs by matching Udemy courses to individual learning needs and skills gaps, with the goal of improving the employment prospects of millions of individuals across the world beyond their years in formal education.

By exploring existing relationships help by both CXS and Udemy, the partnership plans to bring Udemy courses enhanced with human development solutions from CXS to markets such as Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong in the near future.

This partnership enriches the offerings from both parties, making it easier than ever for individuals and enterprises to use our technology to support flexible, meaningful lifelong learning.

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