Kevin Chan, Head of Mobile at CXS, gave over 70 academics, training providers and e-learning specialists an introduction to Coach, CXS’ mobile-first professional development solution as part of InnovJam, an event organized at Learning Lab in Singapore. Five key industry solution providers were invited to present on the ways in which they are applying personalized and adaptive learning to technology assisted learning solutions for adults.

Kevin showcased Coach’s capabilities, highlighting how learner profiles are captured and used to deliver highly relevant content recommendations. By putting learning profiles at the center of the experience, Kevin explained, Coach empowers people to set their own goals and build professional development pathways. Coach then helps them manage and pursue those goals by using ‘gamified’ reward systems and positive psychology strategies such as ‘nudging’ to keep people actively learning in meaningful ways every day.

For training providers, Coach provides an easy-to-deploy and ready-to-use solution which, by leveraging AI and machine learning, excels at matching training and learning content built into professional skills and competency frameworks to individual personalized learning needs. Trainers can also access learner’s vip24 profiles using Coach, giving them insight into a learner’s career preferences, interests and motivations.

Coach is the mobile learning platform of the ULeap initiative from NTUC which aims to provide Singaporean workers with access to reskilling and upskilling resources at a national level. For our role in ULeap, CXS was awarded the Technology Innovation award by NTUC in May 2018.

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