We are very proud to announce our joint venture between CXS Nordic and iFokus to establish a vocational rehabilitation portal named MyNext.

MyNext is a national employment platform, based on the CXS Actualize solution, that will help people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Norway find meaningful employment.

iFokus is a Norwegian Municipality-owned company established to provide career counselling, recruitment and employment services. MyNext will enhance iFokus capabilities with vip24 profiling and career counselling services.

vip24 profiling helps jobseekers and their career counsellors get insights into their career interests and motivations, making it easier and faster to align career searches and services to the individual.

Job seekers will be able to complete their vip24 profile online via the MyNext platform, have immediate access to career counsellors via video meetings and gain access, in the near future, to relevant upskilling programs and content.

MyNext is jointly funded by CXS and iFokus. Our plan is to expand MyNext into other Scandinavian markets through finding suitable partners.

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