Who We Are

CXS is a true life long learning advocate that delves into the tenet, “how do we help everyone succeed?”

Our approach is an ambitious one that looks to connect education and employability data to provide insights that could revitalise economies and workforce for today and beyond.

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The Changing Landscape

For over a decade we have been building up big data on education. Understanding how we learn while providing analytics to support the educator’s quest to teach in a more profound way to build a learning and growth mindset for a generation that will experience an exponential future.


  • Global jobs transformation
  • Changing competency skills required by employers


  • Re-examine types of job profiles in the workforce
  • Support continuous learning and skills upgrading
  • Identify current competency gap
  • Mapping of nationwide workforce requirements
  • Work towards a data driven workforce

Our foray into employability and human resource with our proprietary talent profiling and engagement platform in the past few years has also awakened us to the reality that jobs as well as the competence and personality required to excel in them are changing. The disruption of the 4th industrial revolution is upon us and that the job we had in mind when we woke up might vanish before our eyes.

Welcome To The 4th Industrial Revolution

Big data, analytics, Machine learning, AI.

We acknowledge all processes break down the silos between education and employment structures to change the game. We help you live exponentially with a human centric solution ecosystem that span your life.

Why Did We Come About?

It is clear that we live in exponential times. Ours will be the most “disruptive” period in history of mankind. Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, robots. As the tidal wave of innovation hits us, the relevance of life, jobs, purpose is being questioned. We are an optimistic company that thinks we have a chance for a utopian future. But we will need help getting there. We are focused on those that will feel the disruption and need to renew purpose and create new values in a changing world. Except we do it at SCALE.

We Always Start With People.


Who Are We?

What are the values, interest and preferences that drive us 24 hours a day? We are all individuals with our own unique path in life. Understanding who we are is the first step to self mastery, which can then lead to us making better choices and understanding those choices.


How We Learn?

The accumulation of knowledge is key to how we interact and overcome challenges. Education is important. However, by building our capacity to learn, developing a growth and learning mindset, we go beyond formal education to be ready us for a life time of exploration and growth.


Our Skills and Competence

As we develop and grow, we accumulate skills and competences. Some of us will develop deep skill sets over time that may be transferable across industries and sectors. Understanding how we develop these competences and how it relates to a rapidly changing world will be key to a purposeful life.

The Magic Happens

We have the capability of mapping out the entire school, town, municipal, city, country to give insights on education and employability by helping organisations develop these 3 key tenets over time and using the data generated to provide dynamic, accurate analytics for you to answer question like:

  • Are my graduates finding success and purpose in their lives?
  • Is my workforce future ready and raring to go?
  • Are we allowing more people to succeed and create value at their own terms?

Our Platform – TalentUp

Our solution spans Education (K12 onwards) to Employment (Retirement) and it is a proprietary system with a holistic approach to data that includes Machine learning/ AI to support Experts and stakeholders with evidence based insights…

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